What is the Ukrainian Day of Unity and why does it matter? 

Ukraine’s stand for unity and independence long predates today’s crisis. 

For hundreds of years, Ukraine has been fighting to keep its independence and freedom. Despite a tough past, the steadfast spirit of the Ukrainian people has always shown brightly with national pride. 

But today, the struggle continues. Russia has been occupying large portions of the country since February of 2022, tearing families apart and forcing millions of Ukrainians to flee their homeland.

Where did the Day of Unity come from?  

The Treaty of Unity, signed on January 22, 1919, officially combined what was then the Ukrainian National Republic with West Ukrainian People’s Republic into one modern Ukrainian nation. To celebrate, the Day of Unity was commemorated as a reminder of the joy of achieving a unified, free and sovereign Ukrainian nation. 

Unfortunately, Ukraine’s freedom did not last long. 

After World War II, Ukraine like so many nations of Central and Eastern Europe, fell under Soviet Union domination. For over fifty years, Ukrainian traditions and language were oppressed, and the country was deprived of its independence as Russia attempted to force its identity on them.

It was not until the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991 that Ukraine gained full independence once again. Though Ukraine was recognized as an independent nation, Russia continued to unlawfully claim Ukrainian territory and undermine Ukraine’s language and centuries-old culture. Russia has also systematically inserted disruptors into Ukrainian governments in attempts to take over the country from within. 

Ukraine has lived under these ongoing oppressions including the Russian-orchestrated, military-forced annexation of the Ukrainian territory of Crimea in 2014. But Ukrainians never expected the full invasion and violent war that has been tearing the country apart for the past 11 months.

Poland’s aid to Ukraine. 

Poland has acted as one of the main contributors and central hub for Ukrainian aid. Separated from their homes and families, at least seven million refugees have crossed the Polish-Ukrainian border. Over one million currently reside in the country, warmly embraced by the Polish people and comfortably sheltered in local homes and emergency housing units. Ukrainians are building businesses, working, and developing new connections as they wait to return home. This strong display of solidarity between Poland and Ukraine bolsters hope that the victory for Ukraine is just on the horizon. 

How can Americans support Ukraine in their fight to end Russia’s occupation and reunite their country? 

Freedom is the cornerstone of American pride and identity. Many people in the US can intimately understand the importance of living in a country in which you are free to pursue the life you want, support and be with your family, and to have a safe home. 

On January 22, the Day of Unity, Ukrainians need to know that they are not alone in their fight to reunite their nation and free it from Russian occupation. Visit the homepage to generate your #UnifyUkraine sunflower and share it on social. Join your voice with the millions of others to call for an end to the occupation and give Ukraine back their country. 

Together, we can make a difference for those fighting to be free. 

Share a Sunflower for Ukraine

Create your#UnifyUkraine sunflower and share it to join voices for a free Ukraine.  

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About the Campaign

Unify Ukraine is a public service campaign on behalf of the Polish government to raise American awareness of Russia’s ongoing invasion that has torn apart the country and families of Ukraine. Together, we can help free Ukraine from this occupation and unify this beautiful land and people once again.

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