Unify Ukraine Announces Campaign to Raise American Awareness of Russia’s Ongoing Occupation

NEW YORK, NY (January 16, 2023) — In February of 2022, Russia began its illegal invasion of Ukraine, leading to an unprecedented outpouring of global support for Ukraine and the Ukrainian people. As the one-year anniversary of Russia’s unilateral act of war nears, Unify Ukraine is proud to launch a public service campaign to raise American awareness of Russia’s ongoing attacks, partial occupation of Ukraine, and its devastating effects on the country and its people.   

On January 22nd, the Unify Ukraine Campaign will ask Americans to show Ukrainians that we stand with them on their National Day of Unity by amplifying messages of hope and support for the Ukrainian people in their fight for freedom. The campaign will feature experiential installations in New York, Washington, DC and across the US utilizing the sunflower, Ukraine’s national flower, as a bright unmissable symbol of Ukrainian strength and resilience against the bleak backdrop of the upcoming one-year anniversary of the Russian invasion. The campaign will focus on rallying Americans to express their solidarity with the Ukrainian people and take to social media, posting sunflowers and using the hashtag #unifyukraine to demand an end to the occupation so Ukraine can be unified once again.

“We are witnessing a war that will redefine the global political landscape. We all need to be on the side of Ukraine, because it’s a land of brave people who are on the side of freedom,” said Mateusz Morawiecki, Prime Minister of Poland. “Today, the whole world is paying for Russia’s aggression, but it is Russia that must pay for all the crimes it has committed. This war will end only when all the families in Ukraine are reunited. It will end when Ukrainians takes back their homes and schools, every hospital, and every road. We need to show them that we recognize their struggle, and that the world has not forgotten them. By raising our voices, we can all help to reunite Ukrainians and their land once again.” 

During his December visit to the White House and Congress, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy highlighted the importance of the support of the American people and government, stating “I thank your cities and your citizens, who supported Ukraine this year, who hosted our people, who waved our national flags, who acted to help us… Thank you all! From everyone, who is now at the frontline. From everyone, who is awaiting victory.”


This material is distributed by MikeWorldWide on behalf of the Polish government through Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego. Additional information is available at the Department of Justice, Washington, D.C.

Share a Sunflower for Ukraine

Create your#UnifyUkraine sunflower and share it to join voices for a free Ukraine.  

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About the Campaign

Unify Ukraine is a public service campaign on behalf of the Polish government to raise American awareness of Russia’s ongoing invasion that has torn apart the country and families of Ukraine. Together, we can help free Ukraine from this occupation and unify this beautiful land and people once again.

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