Unify Ukraine

Visit the Sunflower Garden in NYC and Stand with Ukraine

To celebrate Ukraine’s National Day of Unity this Sunday, the Unify Ukraine Campaign will be hosting an installation of 335 sunflowers in Flatiron Plaza, one for each day Russia has occupied the country.

From January 19 to January 22, those in New York City can visit the sunflower garden and be part of an impactful moment of sharing support for Ukraine’s fight to free their country and reunite the land and people. 

Visitors are invited to take photos in front of the sunflower garden and share them to social media using #UnifyUkraine and show support for the millions of displaced refugees, and those who have remained at home to fight for freedom. 

New York City Sunflower Garden Open Air Installation

Where: Closest Subway Stops: When:
Flatiron Plaza
23rd Street & Broadway
New York, NY 10010
23rd Street N, Q, R, W
23rd Street 4, 6
23rd Street PATH Trains
January 19 to January 22
No entry times or restrictions.
No admission needed.

The sunflower is Ukraine’s national flower. To learn more about its significance as a symbol of hope and renewal, visit our article Why the Ukrainian Sunflower is the Centerpiece for Friendship and Resistance.

Share a Sunflower for Ukraine

Create your#UnifyUkraine sunflower in 3 easy steps, then share on social to join voices for a free Ukraine.


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About the Campaign

Unify Ukraine is a public service campaign on behalf of the Polish government to raise American awareness of Russia’s ongoing occupation of Ukraine and its devastating impact on the country and Ukrainian people.

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